• HPE & SAS Healthcare AI Workshop


    Webinar + Hands-on Training

    5th Dec 2020

  • Healthcare AI Webinar


    Power of AI in a Data-Driven World

    By Dr Eng Lim Goh, Senior Vice President and Chief Technology Officer, High Performance Computing and Artificial Intelligence at HPE


    One of the world’s most influential Chief Technology Officers and a Shell Cambridge University Scholar, Dr. Goh will cover how to harness the power of Artificial Intelligence in delivering quicker insights in a data intensive world of the healthcare industry. A frequent industry speaker, Dr. Goh has been credited with six patents and has also co-presented with NASA at the inaugural 1st plenary of the Supercomputing 2014 Conference.



    Future of Healthcare: Analytics insights for global healthcare organizations from the pandemic

    By Dr Mark Lambrecht, Director of Global Health and Life Sciences Practice, SAS


    What can data tell us about the individuals and businesses affected by the coronavirus outbreak? If we look at trends over time and apply advanced analytics, can we uncover new insights that will help with future preparedness efforts? What analytic techniques, such as optimization, forecasting and epidemiological modeling, are most useful for public health and life sciences companies to apply in this situation?


    After explaining the overall methodology, we will dive into a few use cases where we have seen how statistics and advanced analytics have made a real difference to patients and caregivers in the world today. We will look at how AI and machine learning will be a key driver behind the acceleration of digitization as our industry responds, adapts and transforms itself to accommodate telehealth and digitalized healthcare, and the regulatory and ethical impact of AI on patient healthcare.


    We will also discuss how the health care and life sciences has been changed forever, and how new technology can help us lead healthier lives, make healthcare more accessible for the vulnerable and poor – and why the pharmaceutical companies have been getting a reputational boost.



    Lifecycle of Analytics Demo Workshop and Webinar (in-person and online)This demonstration workshop serves to illustrate what your analytics journey could look like with SAS, using SAS analytics tools from Data, to Discovery, and to Deployment. The event caters to both in-person and online attendees.


    It starts with data preparation, where you will perform some data profiling and data cleaning. You will then learn how to join tables to produce a final Analytic base table (ABT) that will be used for the rest of the demo. Once that is done, you will learn to explore and visualize the data. You will build bar chart with drillable hierarchy, create a calculated measure, add key values and finally create a correlation matrix. You will then learn to create models like decision tree and logistic regression to do some predictive analytics. Finally, these models can be compared and a champion model will be selected.


    At the end of this demonstration, you should have a good overview of what to expect in the Hands-On session later on in the day. You may have also picked up some tips and tricks for your Hackathon.

  • Hands-on Training

    This 90-minute session will provide participants with instructor led training and hands on experience to equip them with the necessary data science knowledge and skills for the hackathon. Participants will be provided with an environment containing the necessary tools. No prior knowledge and skills are needed.


    The session will be conducted with SAS tools which participants are expected to use for the hackathon.

    Topics covered includes data preparation and visualization to attain analytical insights from the data as well as an introduction to machine learning.

  • Speakers and Instructors

    Mark Lambrecht, PhD

    Director of Global Health and Life Sciences Practice, SAS

    leads a senior team that is responsible for SAS’ global health care and life sciences market strategy. In 2020, he led the COVID-19 Scientific Advisory Team, a response within SAS to help organizations analytically manage the impact of the pandemic. Mark is an expert in the life sciences industry, including providers, payers and governments in global health care systems. He focuses on using real-world data and deep learning in the converging health care ecosystem. Prior to joining SAS in 2005, Mark worked in the pharmaceutical industry and studied at the University of Leuven (Belgium) and Stanford University. He was a bioinformatics scientist specializing as a data scientist for high volumes of biological and genomics data. Mark holds a PhD and master’s in bioscience engineering from the University of Leuven.


    Dr. Adam CHEE

    Chief, Smart Health Leadership Centre, ISS, NUS

    has more than 20 years of health informatics, digital health, innovation, technologies and business experience. Prior to joining ISS, he was the Director of BNHC Pte Ltd spearheading many significant and notable projects across Asia Pacific and Middle East. He is responsible for providing digital health transformation expertise to both health(care) and solution providers via consulting assignments, executive coaching, training, leadership and speaking engagements. He led a few international projects including digital health transformation for Saudi Health Council, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, tele-health solution for LifeWatch AG, Switzerland and Health Information Exchange system framework for Integrated Health Information System (IHiS) Singapore etc.