• HPE & SAS Half-day Hackathon


    Total Prizes of SGD 5,000

    5th Dec 2020

  • Half Day Hackathon


    The in-person Half Day Hackathon is an opportunity for healthcare professionals, students and data scientists to come together to brainstorm, ideate, and design innovative solutions, with the aim of tackling challenges related to healthcare.


    Participants will form teams, exchange insights and use technology to create solutions. The teams will then present their ideas to a panel of judges with expertise in a variety of related fields.


    The objectives of the hackathon are to:

    • Equip students and healthcare professionals with essential technical skills and expertise to prepare them for the digital and data-driven economy
    • Build bridges between participants from different areas of expertise to create innovative solutions through collaboration and knowledge sharing during the Hackathon.


    Through this hackathon, we hope to showcase the ubiquity and usefulness of data to obtain insights. Most importantly, we hope the participants will forge new connections, take away some useful skills and have fun!

  • Prizes


    SGD 2,500 NTUC Vouchers

    1st Runner-Up

    SGD 1,500 NTUC Vouchers

    2nd Runner-Up

    SGD 1,000 NTUC Vouchers

  • Guidelines and Regulations

    1. Each team to have 3 members. It is recommended to have a mix of team members to bring in various expertise and skills
    2. Each team to have at least one medical practitioner as team. 
    3. It is not mandatory to have a team formed in order to participate. If you do not have a team formed, do inform the staff at registration and we will facilitate in matching you with teams that are still looking for members
    4. Teams should NOT reuse project problem statements that they have previously published or have been already working on for a long time. Teams are encouraged to propose new problem statements for the hackathon. A declaration is needed during registration.
    5. There are different themes for the Hackathon which consist of challenges related to be addressed using data and analytics. More information will be provided later.
    6. All participants are required to adhere to Covid19 regulations. E.g. safe distancing, wearing of masks etc.
    7. Participants are required to use the SAS tools in their project but are not limited to the use of SAS tools only.
    8. There will be cleaned data sets provided in the event. However, participants are not restricted to use the data sets as provided. Participants are required to adhere to the data privacy compliance of the organization.
    9. External data sets used should be non-proprietary and open source that are freely available to all other participants.
    10. Participants are not allowed to discuss with or seek for external help and opinions from parties outside of the event.
    11. Panel judges’ decisions are final.
    12. All participants are to maintain conduct in an orderly manner in full compliance with the rules & regulations of the venue. Unorderly conduct as deemed by the organizers and venue as well as any malicious use of the platform will result in ban and/or further prosecution.
    13. If participants do not follow the terms of participation, the organizers may ban and remove participants from the venue and future events.
    14. The data sets and other information provided to participants with regards to solving the data cases shall be used by them only during the duration of the event. Under no circumstances shall they be used for personal or commercial purposes outside the event format and activities unless stated otherwise. 
    15. By registering for this event, you agree to also provide your work (analysis, methodology, source code etc.) to the organizers for them to publish.
    16. PDPA: With the registration for this event, you agree that the organizers may present some of your personal data to 3rd parties with regards to the organization and conduct of the event.
    17. PDPA: Photographic and film documents (recordings) will be produced during the event. By registering for the event, you agree to the recoding and publication of photos and film recordings in which you are shown within the scope of the event. 
    18. The organizers reserve the right to cancel the event before the event is due to begin. Cancellations may occur due to unforeseen circumstances or at the organiser’s discretion. Participants are not entitled neither to the reimbursement of the participation fee, nor to compensation for other losses such as travelling expenses or hotel costs. 

  • Judging Criteria



    Value and Usability

    Technical Features

  • Judges

    Dr. Adam CHEE

    Chief, Smart Health Leadership Centre, ISS, NUS

    has more than 20 years of health informatics, digital health, innovation, technologies and business experience. Prior to joining ISS, he was the Director of BNHC Pte Ltd spearheading many significant and notable projects across Asia Pacific and Middle East. He is responsible for providing digital health transformation expertise to both health(care) and solution providers via consulting assignments, executive coaching, training, leadership and speaking engagements. He led a few international projects including digital health transformation for Saudi Health Council, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, tele-health solution for LifeWatch AG, Switzerland and Health Information Exchange system framework for Integrated Health Information System (IHiS) Singapore etc.

    Vinod Bijlani

    AI & IoT Practice Leader

    leads the AI and IoT Practice for HPE. He is primarily a Technologist who is passionate about creating, finding Machine learning and AI solutions which will move humanity and the environment forward. He has contributed to the design and implementation of smart city projects, and has established intelligent public transportation and traffic ecosystems in India, Singapore, and the U.S. He has over 22 years of solutioning experience and is a distinguished inventor with 25 patents in AI and ML technologies. He envisions a radically safer, healthier and more sustainable planet with the democratization of AI, Industry 5.0 and 5G technologies.

    Dr Mikael HARTMAN ​

    Programme Leader (Breast Cancer Prevention)

    has been practising in Singapore since 2009 and is originally from Stockholm, Sweden where he received his training at Karolinska Institute. That is also where he received his board certification in General Surgery in 2005. Having completed his doctoral studies in the field of epidemiology in 2007, he specializes in the field of breast cancer etiology and prognostication as well as inheritance of cancer prognosis.

    He heads a research group of more than ten members and is leading the development of the Singapore Breast Cancer Cohort, the Singapore-Malaysia Breast Cancer Working Group and the Breast Cancer Prevention Programme at the Saw Swee Hock School of Public Health (SSHSPH).

    He is a father of 3 children with keen interest in skiing, hiking and mountain biking. In 2014, he made an effort to create awareness for breast cancer and research by riding a motorcycle from Singapore to Sweden. As a result of this movement, he initiated the Asian Breast Cancer Research Fund to support breast cancer related research across Asia.

    Suraj Kamath

    Director, ASEAN at SAS

    leads the Industrial AIoT Solutions Practice for ASEAN at SAS, developing go-to-market strategies and providing leadership guidance on AIoT solutions for industries across manufacturing, utilities, smart cities and others. With over 14 years of experience driving analytics-led innovation, Suraj has enabled companies and customers to improve process control, increase yield, reduce waste, optimize pricing and product mix and develop successful business strategy.

    Lim Ai Huey​

    Director, ASEAN at SAS

    is a Manager/Senior Lecturer at Nanyang Polytechnic. Her teaching duties focus primarily on business intelligence and analytics. She has over 5 years of experience in conducting training in the area of analytics and currently handles customized data analytics trainings for companies. She is both an educator as well as developer with years of experiences specializing in database, web development, search engine optimization, data visualization and text analytics. Ai Huey is the course manager of the Specialist Diploma in Business & Big Data Analytics and serves as the EXCO member of the Singapore Computer Society Business Analytics Chapter. She has BSc in Computer Science from University of News South Wales, Australia and a Specialist Diploma in Teaching & Learning (Higher Education) from NIE and NYP. Her research interest is text mining and its application in analysing the course feedback.